Coaches Training Institute – Fulfillment (Vancouver, BC)

November 1, 2016

It’s late October. First thing in the morning, my wife drops me at the train station. It’s still dark and a light rain is falling. I am heading north to Vancouver, BC for the next three days. Three intense days of training, coaching, and professional development with CTI in Co-Active Coaching. The second module is titled Fulfillment. Given the experience I had with Fundamentals, I was really excited about the second course.

I had taken the train to Bellingham a couple of times previously. But this time I was crossing the border into Canada. New scenery. New experience.

I found a seat and settled in for the 3+ hours of the trip. Turns out I was seated in the midst of an Argentinian rock band that was in the middle of a North American tour. I asked them to add me to the guest list in case my accommodations were close enough for me to attend the show that night. What a unique cross-cultural opportunity. Turns out it was too far away, but I wanted to leave that door open.

We convened for the first session on Friday morning. As we introduced ourselves, it became clear that a fair number of the participants had met at the Fundamentals course held in Vancouver in July. Despite that, I immediately felt welcome and comfortable. One of the key principals of the training is that what happens in the sessions, stays in the sessions. Don’t expect me to go into detail.

When not in session, I took every opportunity to explore the city that I could. I had not spent time in that part of Vancouver before, so it was all new – and wonderful. Despite the fact that Vancouver is so close to Seattle, it feels like a completely different world. Significant international influence, especially in that part of the city. What an amazing experience. I spent part of Friday evening in a bar/restaurant having dinner. I met a really nice local resident who had stopped in for a beer before heading to his in-laws’ place for dinner. Not sure if he was killing time to avoid going there or fortifying himself for the evening – he wasn’t willing to admit either one!

Saturday was another long, intense, and meaningful session with CTI. The two course facilitators were very skilled and did an exceptional job. Great pacing, excellent hands-on experience. That is one of the most significant and meaningful aspects of the CTI approach – you get coached and provide coaching to others right there, all weekend long. Fantastic.

Saturday evening I returned to the same bar/restaurant with one of my class mates. We ended up engaging the couple who were seated next to us at the bar. Turns out they were from the Seattle area and had traveled to BC for a marathon that was happening on Sunday morning. Small world. Of course they were both wearing Seahawks gear so……

As we broke for lunch Sunday, a number of participants were heading to a nearby restaurant and invited me to accompany them. We had a blast getting to know each other on a more personal level. That’s another great benefit of this program and this experience. Meeting some wonderful, highly motivated, passionate people.

Heading back home on the train Sunday evening, I ran into a friend who had been in BC for the marathon as well. The perfect end to a truly amazing experience.

I can’t wait for the next one – Balance!! Stay tuned for more.